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Tigoung Nonma is a cooperative of disabled artisans, based in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

Tigoung Nonma CommitteeTigoung Nonma's Committee Members 

Tigoung Nonma, meaning "Strength Through Unity" in the local language of Mooré, was created in 2005 in order to provide selling opportunities for local artisans with disabilities, whilst simultaneously promoting their work and raising awareness of the benefits of fair trade in the national and international market.

A large proportion of disabled people in Burkina Faso are illiterate, and even those who have had access to an education struggle to find work due to prevalent discrimination amongst employers against disability. This lack of employment opportunities leads many people with disabilities to seek work as artisans. However, the majority of artisans with disabilities have not received training and subsequently experience great difficulties in selling their products. In order to increase their economic autonomy, the artisans work together as a cooperative to lead collective actions and organise training workshops and product exhibitions.

The artisans work in a range of disciplines, including pottery, leatherwork, woodwork and metalwork. Each artisan receives 80% of the sale of their goods and the remaining 20% goes towards the sustainability of the cooperative. Moreover, each product title listed on the website includes the name of the artisan or artisans who make it. This means that, when you purchase a product, you are directly helping the artisan who has made it.

As a cooperative founded by artisans with disabilities, it is possible for Tigoung Nonma to develop solutions and respond quickly to the needs of the community it serves. It is not disability but the negative attitudes and stigma towards people with disabilities that inhibits the artisans' socio-economic inclusion. The cooperative envisions genuine and far-reaching participation across Burkina Faso of its members and empowers them to become examples of a positive force for change.

Our Mission
To encourage and promote the work of disabled artisans in order to strengthen their autonomy.

Our Vision
A society where disabled artisans are socially and economically included and able to make a sustainable living from their profession.

Our Objectives
- To improve the socio-economic circumstances of our members.
- To strengthen the technical and professional capacities of our members.
- To contribute to the fight against poverty amongst disabled people.