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Women in Burkina Faso experience discrimination in virtually all aspects of their lives, including employment, education, social roles, and inheritance rights. For disabled women, the situation is so much worse. They are often rejected or neglected by their families, and marginalised by society. At household level, a disabled girl is often unlikely to be sent to school. At community level, she is often marginalised.

Disabled women are rarely consulted or integrated in decision-making processes, and illiteracy among them is over 90%. Adult disabled women meet diverse difficulties in almost every aspect of their lives, but particularly when it comes to supporting themselves – they are less likely to be recruited for work or given access to credit, for example, because of their disability. Many live in abject poverty with no family, community or government support. This is why Tigoung Nonma’s (TN) support is critical, as the cooperative helps disabled people to help themselves. And in doing so, TN shows society the worth and value of every human being, regardless of physical ability or disability.

TN originally focused on supporting its members to develop and market traditional and modern artisanal work (as showcased on this website). In response to a decreasing market for artisanal goods, however, TN’s members innovated and branched out into new strands of work. TN's catering service is one such example. This service is now an important part of TN’s work and it ensures that women members in particular can earn a living. 

This popular enterprise is an income-generating activity which has provided a reliable income for around 19 disabled women (and 2 disabled men who generally provide transport help), who would not otherwise have been able to look after themselves or their children. The catering service is unique in Burkina Faso – the only such service provided by a team of physically disabled women – and has proved to be a great success. Started in 2009, this service has developed a strong reputation with customers in Ouagadougou, who recognise and appreciate the quality of food and service provided, and also want to support the cooperative and its members.

Largely through word of mouth, the service is in increasingly high demand, and the women who run it have catered for lunches, coffee breaks and conferences hosted by local NGO's and been called on several times to provide catering for events at the Ministry of Social Action. They have also catered at private functions such as marriages and baptisms.

Catering Service

 Catering Service

Catering Service

Catering Service

Catering Service

The women who run this service have received food hygiene training.

If you are in Ouagadougou and would like a catering quote, please contact us on (00226) 75 13 40 15.