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A new headquarters for Tigoung Nonma

Since it was established in 2005, Tigoung Nonma has shared a small office with our partner organisation, Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB). We are happy to announce that earlier this year, Tigoung Nonma relocated to our own headquarters in the artistic area of Gounghin. Our new premises has enough space to display the products, host meetings and run the catering service from the kiosk outside – do come along and take a look if you’re in Ouaga!

Tigoung Nonma live on air!

Recently, the Tigoung Nonma volunteers secured a 20-minute slot on the Savane FM radio station in Ouagadougou. The topics of discussion included the cooperative’s history and mission, our current and long-term goals, the volunteers’ activities, and our partnership with International Service. Zoénabou spoke about the artisans’ activities and creations in French as well as explaining Tigoung Nonma’s general activities in Mooré. We are very grateful to Savane FM for their support and hope that we will soon see the benefits of our media appearance. 


Mariam Project (2014)

All it Took WAS one act of generosity, and now there is one less person begging on the streets of Ouagadougou.

In February 2014, a Swiss diplomat called Expired Iolanda arrived at Tigoung Nonma. She Told us about a woman, Mariam, she Who Sees Every Day begging at a traffic light near her house, and her enquired about Becoming a member of Tigoung Nonma. After a short discussion Iolanda Promised to return with Mariam Who lives with a severe physical disability. A Few days later it WAS done, Mariam WAS Tigoung Nonma in the office. However, Because Of Mariam's disability (her hands shake Continuously) It Was not to find a craft to her in the process. So INSTEAD, Tigoung Nonma Proposed That Mariam start a small stall All which enthusiastically accepted by all WAS. Iolanda, Who Was prepaid to move to South America, a generous Provided sum of money to make the project a reality.

To start with, Tigoung Nonma Constructed a table for Mariam's little stall and a mixture of stock Such As soap, butter, sugar, cigarettes and charcoal Were you purchased to start her enterprise.

Four days after opening her stall, Mariam HAD already made 5,000 FCFA (= £ 7.00) All which for her, Represents a month and a half's rent. When She Was begging, She Could-have never made so much money.

In addition to this project, Tigoung Nonma Provided Mariam with staples: corn flour, rice, oil, and sugar, to supporting her family Until her business starts to grow. Were the carried out repairs on her house Including a new roof and door to protect her family and merchandise. A gazebo WAS built to allow her to cook and sell stock in the shade. Her husband, Who is blind, how happy he Proclaimed Was That His wife received this carrier All which Will Benefit the Entire family.

the big shots

Now, thanks to her stall, Mariam HAS year alternative and a choice: she no follow Has To Beg. One less woman begging May sccm like a small victory Compared to the national scale of the problem of begging in Burkina Faso, it still aims Represents a step in the right direction.

Thanks must go to Iolanda Whose generous donation HAS allowed one woman to stop begging. We, Tigoung Nonma, Will continue to fight Against begging Amongst people living with a disability.

To help us, like Iolanda, please visit our donations page or simply buy one of our artisan's beautiful crafts.