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Already donations have had a huge impact on Tigoung Nonma. One example of this is the story of our taxi-moto.

Contributions from the Hilden Charitable Trust, nPower and Isabelle England, a family friend of a British volunteer who worked with us, have all helped Tigoung Nonma to develop by investing in a taxi-moto. Taxi-moto’s are a common sight across Ouagadougou, and are a typical way of transporting stock in Burkina Faso.

In 2008, thanks to a donation by the Hilden Charitable Trust, we were able to buy a taxi-moto for use by our catering service to transport equipment and food, as well as crafts to exhibitions and markets. We no longer have to rent transport every time we receive a catering order or attend craft events, improving our efficiency and professional capacity.

original taximoto 

However, there was still room for improvement. Last year nPower supported us in adding a cover to the taxi-moto. This allows for more secure transportation of equipment as well as improving hygiene standards since food is protected from the dusty roads of Ouagadougou.

Covering our taxi-moto presented us with a new opportunity. The side and back panels are perfect for a bit of free advertising, and due to a generous donation of just £60 (40,000 CFA) from Isabelle England, our catering service now take a mobile billboard with them wherever they go!

finished taximoto

Although all of these donations were different sizes and came from very different places, there is more that links them than just the taxi-moto. These donations were essentially one-off payments, investments that have and will lead to Tigoung Nonma growing as an enterprise. We can now provide a higher quality catering service with clear branding that will generate more orders and therefore more income that we can reinvest into the cooperative. One-off donations have had benefits that are both tangible and long-term.