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Rachide Compaoré

Rachide became disabled at the age of seven after contracting Polio. With no formal education, Rachide became an artisan in 2009 while working as a mechanic. He decided to leave this behind in 2010 to devote more time to his craft.  Rachide, a husband and father of one, has been a member of Tigoung Nonma since 2011.

Using beads, shells, and recycled materials he makes beautiful jewelery and decorations, including metal-wired chameleons. With old cans he makes cars, motorbikes and many other toys. With no workshop, Rachide works from home.

In addition to displaying some of his work in the Tigoung Nonma shop, he also sells his crafts on the side of the street. He is currently the apprentice of another Tigoung Nonma artisan, Moise Kargougou, who is training him in recycled objects.

With his own sales and those at Tigoung Nonma, he has been able to build a house on free land that has not yet been divided into plots by the state.

Rachide Compaoré