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Moise Kargougou

Moise became disabled at the age of four after contracting Polio. He started working as an artisan when he was 30 years old. Now aged 38, he makes objects out of recycled materials. He uses old milk bottles, Nescafe tins, and other recycled materials to create models of motorcycles, cars and people. With small beads and metal wire, he also makes decorative ornaments such as fish and lizards. 

He became a member of Tigoung Nonma in 2008. Thanks to Tigoung Nonma, he received craft training in 2013 to improve the quality and variety of his work. As well as creating recycled objects, Moise also received training in wooden sculptures, and has since created large pieces of furniture including: chairs, benches, tables; cupboards, and statues. However, due to the amount of money and time needed to create such masterpieces, Moise now only creates these when a specific order is placed.

Moise doesn’t have the financial means to rent his own workshop, so he has no choice but to work from home. He used to sell his crafts outside of the airport, but the large majority of his work is now sold  in the Tigoung Nonma shop, and rarely at home.

Thanks to Tigoung Nonma and the sale of his products, Moise has been able to build part of his home and pay for his child’s schooling - Moise himself has never been to school. He has a partner and hopes to get married soon.

Moise Kargougou